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As the Sun enters a ‘lockdown’ period, Earth is charging up and responding accordingly. This time, even mainstream science said that this solar minimum could cause freezing weather, famine, increased earthquakes, and catastrophic volcanic eruptions… and the latest Earth Changes are pointing to that.

But decreased activity is not the only aspect to highlight, as the Sun unleashed the biggest flare since 2017 on May 29. Something that can get more dangerous for satellites and other technological devices if our magnetosphere continues to weaken.

Funny enough, the George Floyd protests and riots coincided with this solar flare…a human and cosmic connection?

Some parts of the northern hemisphere experienced a return to winter… one month away from summer, while early snow and cold records were hit in the southern hemisphere when winter has not yet “officially” begun.

A rare May snowstorm triggered by a polar vortex whipped through the northeast of the US, with parts of Maine and New Hampshire receiving as much as 10 inches of snow, and near white-out conditions in upstate New York.

Greece, Germany, Turkey, and Russia also got their share of unseasonable snow, but Ayubia National Park in Pakistan was covered in snow for the first time in a century, and Australia ended up with 40 inches of snow during the coldest start of May ever recorded.

An absurd amount of water poured down all over the world in May, causing devastating floods and landslides. Kenia, India, Oman and Central America where the most affected with hundreds of deaths, and thousands displaced.

Cyclone Amphan left a path of destruction in Odisha and West Bengal, India, leaving hundreds of families without homes, and thousands without electricity.

Unusually strong tornadoes, multiple twisters at once – where it’s not common – and big hail also left a path of destruction in the US, Mexico, and parts of Europe and Asia.

An last but not least: India, Pakistan, and East Africa suffered their worst locust attack in 27 years, leaving millionaire losses in crops, and widespread damage in vegetation. Combined with the unnecessary food losses caused by the lockdown, we might be looking at millions more going hungry in the not too distant future.

Electrical activity in the atmosphere increased this month too. Lightning strikes killed people, cattle, and amazed millions. Just Washington registered more than 87,000 lightning strikes in one day… nearly 23 times the annual average!

All this and more in this month’s SOTT Earth Changes Summary.