Wow, so I just sat down with carolyn (my 7 year old) and she told me more of what she saw in heaven that she left out in the video.
*Streets are paved gold, gold water slides.
*The shade black doesn’t exist in heaven.
*The water at the water park changes rainbow colors.
*She saw 3 butterflies (pink, purple, blue).
*The angel she saw said to her “I keep watch over you every night”
*Gods throne is so tall you can’t see the top.
*Jesus’ eyes change rainbow colors
*The flowers sway and have smiles and eyes.
*She saw her friend ashtrid (but not her mom, her mom is an atheist).
*”Everything is so bright, if I looked at it with my normal eyes, I would be blind”.
*Heaven has different sections, she was in the play section.