Flooding in the region of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. September 3rd 2020.

AlUla (Arabic: ٱلْعُلَا‎ al-ʿulā), also Al-ʿUla, is a governorate of the Medina Region and a city in north-western Saudi Arabia. Historically located on the incense route, the city lies within the Governorate of ‘Ula (Arabic: مُحَافَظَة ٱلْعُلَا‎, romanized: Muḥāfaẓat Al-ʿUlā), one of seven in the Medina Region, covering an area of 29,261 square kilometres (11,298 sq mi). The city is 110 km (68 mi) southwest of Tayma and 300 km (190 mi) north of Medina. The city (municipality) covers 2,391 square kilometres (923 sq mi). The population of the city is 5,426.