Monsoon rains cause torrential flooding in the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. September 4th 2020.

“Heavy rains on Friday evening in Mathura, UP became a disaster for the people. Roads filled with water. A car and two scooties drifted into the Yamuna in Swamighat due to the flow of rain water. Due to the vigilance of the people, a serious accident was avoided. People made noise by taking the car rider out of it. 

During the rains, the situation at Mathura’s Swamighat becomes dangerous. Water flows into the entire market from Chowk Bazaar. The flow is so fast that even the vehicles start flowing with it. This water flows towards the Yamuna at Swamighat. In which vehicles are often swept away during the rains. That is why there is a block made of iron mesh. But on Friday, the iron mesh was removed as a barrier here for some reason.

When it started raining in the evening, in a short time, the rapid flow of water started coming from the Chowk Market at Swamighat. Meanwhile, two scooties standing there drifted into the Yamuna.”

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